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Rachel Wells is Head of the School of Public Health Speciality Training Programme in London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex. With a team of Training Programme Directors the School runs the training programme for London and KSS providing a high standard of training and a number of exciting opportunities for those training in public health. These include access to rural, urban and inner city areas in addition to experiences at the very centre of government, health protection and the regional responses to developing and implementing policy for population health.

The School has more than 132 trainees, and presently offers programmes at prestigious teaching centres across London and the South East.

An essential element of the role of the School is to ensure that good quality training is provided for those on the training programme and also in developing public health training more broadly. Part of the role of the School involves working with other partners like Public Health England and new training environments to develop public health training that is fit for the future.

Head of School

For the first time Rachel Wells, as the Head of School, is also Head of the Academy of Public Health which seeks to broaden the purpose and role of public health education and development into the wider public health workforce, whilst supporting those who we would regard as core and specialist public health, both currently and in the future.


Public health is an exciting discipline of growing importance nationally and globally. It is increasingly realised that meaningful improvement of health and reduction of health inequalities requires a broad population based approach which integrates health sector interventions with those from many other spheres of human influence (political, economic, communities, social, educational, environmental and others).

Taster and Shadowing Programme

Our registrars run a new Taster and Shadowing Programme (TSP) for those interested in finding out more about Public Health in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Our taster seminars take place in Bloomsbury and are given by current public health registrars who explain and reflect on their work and training.  The aim of the seminars is to enable delegates to make an informed decision about applying for Public Health training.

Attendance at the seminar will make delegates eligible to undertake a short placement (normally half a day) with a practising public health registrar in the London, Kent, Surrey or Sussex region.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we will be running our next Public Health information session remotely on September 15th 2020 at 6pm.  Please email if you would like to be provided with the details to join this call.   

We also want to advise attendees that unfortunately due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus, we will not be able to offer shadowing opportunities at this time, but this is something we are monitoring.

2020 Public Health ST1 Recruitment

Details of starter placements available for new public health registrars starting on 7 August 2020 can be found in the downloads box.

Lead Employer information

All trainees within London and the South East are employed by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. All employment related enquiries (such as contracts, HR) should be made to them:

Specialty units/areas in London

Public Health is a vital and competitive specialty that evolves with the latest advances in Public Health England, Health and Protection Directorate, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Department of International Development, as well as a number of excellent NHS and non-NHS organisations. Trainees are appointed from both medical and non-medical backgrounds.

Specialty Training Board Information

The London Specialty School of Public Health holds school board meetings quarterly, the purpose of this group is to manage the strategic development of the public health higher training programme. To ensure that trainees develop the knowledge, competencies, skills and attitudes relevant to their level of responsibility to allow them to practice safely. To undertake to review the development of the connections between the wider workforce in HEE and NHS bodies and public health training programme. To promote the development of wider workforce relationships and specific programmes connecting public health skills, knowledge and experience.

Less Than Full Time (LTFT) applications for Public Health trainees

To apply to train LTFT in Public Health, trainees should first discuss their request to do so with their Training Programme Director. Trainees should then complete an online application via the LTFT section of the trainee support portal. The application form can be found here. Once a trainee has been deemed eligible to train LTFT, they should complete a Notification of Change Form (NOC form) which can be found in the download box at the top of the page and submit to the Public Health team via the portal.

To find out more about training in Public Health, please visit: